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We Are Automation & Mechanical Industrial Company


To be an excellent, professional and leading Indonesian company serving clients and business partners, especially in the field of industrial automation.


1. Providing the best service professionally, systematically and integrated technologically.

2. Building a business that has a competitive and competent advantage.

3. Establishing good cooperative relationships with partners in both short and long term.

4. Providing quality products to clients / customers.

5. Increased human resources competent and experienced in the field.

Company Value

1. Competent

The ability to decide, determine or take necessary actions as limited as authority and limited to the fields of science, expertise, and skill spossessed in order to carry out and complete our work tasks optimally.

2. Professional

Keep heed the professional code of ethics, norms, and rules that apply in deciding, determining or taking the necessary actions in order to carry out or complete our work tasks optimally.

3. Cooperation

Always strive to involve colleagues and always coordinate with all company management to carryout work activities in order to achieve the goals, vision and mission of the company.

Company History

Our Company has been established since 2017 under the name PT Borneo Mega Teknologi. It is located in the city of Balikpapan, East Kalimantan. And currently we become PT Meica Indo Teknik. With this change, we believe that we can be more professional and maximize our company's resources and capabilities to satisfy our customers.

PT Meica Indo Teknik distributes on behalf of a wide range of suppliers to serve the industrial automation market. This diversity of products allows us to provide an offering to our customers that meet product functionality, quality, expectations and technical needs.

PT Meica Indo Teknik dedicated team of sales and support specialists are focused on bringing you the right solution, where and when you need it. We provide the best solutions at competitive prices with professional and dependable service. Having both professional and experienced human resources as well as good company management, we believe that we provide the best service to ensure the satisfaction of our clients. Proven by our ability and commitment to always provide the best service while focus on quality and punctuality.

PT Meica Indo Teknik optimally offers the efficiency and flexibility resulting in good cost and time. hrough times based the company's vision & mission, we will continue to change and innovate in order to become a more reliable and successful company.

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